Envato's 16th birthday

Milan, June 16, 2012.

It's five in the morning, the alarm sounds for the third time, the temptation to stay in the bed and enjoy my Saturday is great but I make an effort and with my girlfriend we run to the train station and we are able to catch the train. Direction Turin, 2 hours by train and 30 minutes by bus to reach the event location, "The WordPress Turin Conference 2012".

 It is the first time for me at an event on web design and I am immediately impressed by this world, the desire for sharing and innovation can be felt in every corner of the room. The common passion for graphics, wordpress and design connects all these people forming incredible networking groups. For me it's all new, I feel like a fish out of water but I like it and I keep listening all talks trying to learn as much knowledge as possible.

 It's 2:30 pm and Nicola Bortignon takes the stage with the last talk of the Event "Become a WordPress designer star". Nicola introduces me to Themeforest, the possibilities to express my creativity as an author in a world market, compare myself with the best designers of the moment, earnings prospects and all Envato market.

 It’s 3:30 pm, the event has come to an end for us and the train to Padua is waiting for us. It’s 350 kilometres, 4 long hours of travel to get home. I keep talking to my girlfriend about the event inevitably, I feel different, full of emotions and eager to change my life and a fixed thought continues to be in my mind : I want at all costs to become part of the themeforest author community, I want to learn WordPress, express my creativity and compare myself with the best web designers in the world.

Padua, June 16, 2022.

My thoughts inevitably go back to 10 years ago, when it all started. I open my themeforest portfolio and get excited to see how much work I have been able to do with my wife.

Power elite author, 38 digital assets, over 37000 sales and especially a new house built to our taste and liking, an adorable daughter and a nice and funny cat. It was not easy at all, days of over 12 hours of work, sleepless nights and many difficulties but we never gave up and we always continued to work hard on our way to achieve our goals.

Life always gives you good opportunities, you have to know how to make the right choices, you have to take courage and get out of your comfort zone.

Thank you Envato for these amazing years, thank you for stimulating me every day to improve my skills and do my dream job.

Happy birthday from all the nicdark team.