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Thanks to this service you will have a completely customized website with your content and pictures. Below you will be able to better understand what the service includes, which content and informations our team will need to perform and deliver the service in the shortest possible time.

Hosting Plan

Our hosting service relies on Siteground, 100% compatible and optimized hosting for WordPress. We have been working with Siteground for many years and our customers love it. Our $15 monthly plan includes :


If you have already bought the theme, send it to us so that we can install it for you. Alternatively, tell us the theme you prefer so that we can already install it on your domain.


We can install the theme for you, but if you want to install it yourself you are free to do it but make sure you install the theme and the sample content properly.


Once you have purchased the service you will have to identify the pages you prefer of our demo and for each page and section tell us which texts and photos we have to insert. If you don't have any photos we will leave the ones included in the demo.

$ 290.00$ 540.00

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